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Rachel from Chick-fil-A Forgives Drive-Thru Bully


Remember the Chick-fil-A employee who was bullied by the corporate executive who was ordering a water just to have a chance to berate anyone associated with the fast-food restaurant? Well, a few things have happened since that video went mega-viral.

First, the exec Adam Smith was fired from his job when people all across America saw his harsh treatment of the employee whose nametag read “Rachel.” Since then, he has apologized to her in a video which also went viral.

In a nice gesture, the employee — who hasn’t given her last name — forgave him on national television, said she felt sorry for him and his family, and asked America to forgive him as well. (Her fiance also set up a website for her, where you can get the latest information on the incident.) Rachel’s appearance on Fox was her first nationally televised interview, and she handled the questions with kindness and amazing composure.

It’s touching to see forgiveness in action! Watch the interview here.


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