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RNC Wrap Up


As we brace ourselves for the Democratic National Convention, which started today, I’m still reveling in the memories of last week’s Republican Convention. My husband David and I drove to Tampa, sweated through several business suits in the humid weather, and had many poignant moments as we watched the Romney/Ryan ticket put their best foot forward. Here’s the wrap up of our convention commentary, if you need something to do instead of watching the DNC tonight!

My Sign Made It Onto CBS News!

A Video You Should Watch and Share

Four Takeaways from RNC Day One: Ann Romney’s Night

Three Takeaways from RNC Day Two: Paul Ryan Has Some Jimmy Stewart in Him

Two Quick Takeaways from RNC Day Three: Mitt’s Modesty

Did the RNC Make You More Enthused about Mitt?  We Want to Hear from You!


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