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Father-Daughter Dance Banned



The recent news that the Cranston, Rhode Island, school district cancelled its father-daughter dance deserves more attention. It may appear to be a trivial thing — one dance in one school district. But this policy is evidence of the ideological war against nature waged by the ACLU and their allies in the life-style Left.

You think I’m exaggerating? Here’s the ACLU in its own defense:

The school district recognized that in the 21st Century, public schools have no business fostering the notion that girls prefer to go to formal dances while boys prefer baseball games. This type of gender stereotyping only perpetuates outdated notions of ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ activities and is contrary to federal law.

They label any differences between male and female as unlawful stereotyping. Differences in preferences, in activities, in behavior, whether chosen by the children or by the adults, are all automatically stigmatized and marginalized. Why does the ACLU commit itself to such a policy?

The ACLU and its allies resent the fact that men and women are different. In their view, male/female differences are evidence of cosmic injustice which must be corrected, not accommodated.

News flash: men and women are different. XX or XY chromosomes are in every cell of the body. Little boys will be little boys; little girls will be little girls. Differences between men and women, and girls and boys keep popping up. The attempt to wipe out all sexual differentiation is an attempt to bring about an outcome that is impossible, in principle, to achieve. And it is this ideological view that any recognition of sex differences should be unlawful that gives the Left its justification to regulate parts of civil society and private life that would otherwise be unthinkable.

That is why cancelling the father-daughter dance in Cranston, Rhode Island, is no small thing.

— Jennifer Roback Morse, is the founder and president of the Ruth Institute, which promotes an understanding of lifelong married love to college students. Sign up for the Ruth Institute’s free newsletter here.


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