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The Real War against Women


I spoke at a Howard Center event on Friday in DC on “The Real War against Women.” The real war is against women’s fertility. We are allowed to participate in higher education and the labor market, as long as we agree to act like men: We agree to chemically neuter ourselves during our peak child-bearing years. We agree to place our children in daycare when they are at their smallest and most vulnerable, that is, if we are lucky enough to have children. We have taken the university and the labor market as given, and adapted our bodies to them. I say that it is time we take our bodies as the givens, and insist that the labor market and the university adapt to us and our bodies.

Alan Carlson, president of the Howard Center, also spoke. Our discussants were Charles Murray and David Brooks. I have to say, I had some anxiety about this talk. However, I decided to not think too much about my fellow panelists. I stayed focused on the twenty-somethings, staffers, interns, and free-lancers, whom I knew would be in the audience.

I was not disappointed. The audience was probably one-third under the age of thirty. And, as I looked out at them during my talk, they were all nodding in agreement with what I was saying.

The conference has been written up, so far, by the Christian Post and the Population Research Institute.

Thanks to everyone who came. The Howard Center will be publishing the paper in The Family in America, its flagship journal.


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