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Super Bowl XLVII: Brought to You by Adoption


We all know Michael Oher, who played for the Ravens in the Super Bowl, was the subject of the wonderful movie The Blind Side. Well, yesterday, pro-life advocate Bristol Palin posted a nice story on her blog about San Francisco 49er’s  quarterback Colin Kaepernick who was also adopted. In a pre-game interview with Dan Marino, he said being adopted was “the greatest blessing of my entire life.”


Bristol writes:

I just love this story.

We all just watched the Super Bowl and quarterback Colin Kaepernick lead his San Francisco 49ers to the game of the year.

In spite that wacky power failure, it was a great game.

But what I love is Kaepernick saying that the best thing that ever happened to him was being adopted.

Live Action News reports:

Kaepernick’s birth mother was a 19-year-old young woman who wanted the best for her son but knew that she was not the one who could give it to him. She searched for adoptive parents who would be able to love her son, provide him with siblings, take care of him financially, and expose him to her love for sports. She found the perfect match in Rick and Teresa Kaepernick when Colin was 5 weeks old. The couple, who had two healthy children and had tragically lost two sons to complications related to heart defects, were seeking to adopt a son. Colin completed their family, and his birth mother could take heart knowing that her son would grow up with everything she had wanted for him.

See the entire blog post here.


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