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Chicago Parents to Rahm: Walk in Our Kids’ Shoes


From the Sun-Times:

Parents urge Emanuel to walk same school routes their kids will take

“Walk the walk,” parents said Tuesday morning at a demonstration at City Hall, calling on Mayor Rahm Emanuel to try out the often dangerous routes between the schools that Chicago Public Schools officials aim to close and the schools where their children will be sent instead.

Starting Tuesday, groups of parents will walk the routes to point out problems along the way, parents said at an emotional news conference at City Hall organized by the group Raise Your Hand.

“Gangs are going to interact with our children. I don’t want to see no child harmed,” Avanette Temple said of Delano Elementary School, 3937 W. Wilcox.

If the school board approves the closing, Delano students will be joined in their current building by children from Melody Elementary, 412 S. Keeler, more than half a mile away. The school will be called Melody.

“Mayor, you said you were going to take care of our children,” Temple said, crying. “I need you to walk that walk. We have to do it, our children have to do it.”

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