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Will Hotels for New ‘Mums’ Catch on in the U.K.?


And will they then make their way here? The writer of this story is highly skeptical.

Mermaid Maternity Retreat charges roughly £500 a night for new mums who can enjoy acupuncture, reflexology, massage, nutritional meals, facials and post natal yoga. There will be 14 en suite rooms (priority is given to those who have ‘booked in’, although some will be kept aside for ‘last minute’ requests).

. . . it seems a fascinating but bizarre business model. Most women want to be surrounded by home comforts after a baby; to return to the nursery they have excitedly put together and to be there when friends stop by for a cuddle and a cuppa.

. . . I’m laughing at the way [the developer] depicts birth as a perilous pursuit after which women must be rescued.

She believes that this hotel will serve a small niche, perhaps mostly foreigners looking to have their babies born in London. It will be interesting to see if this venture succeeds and if it then jumps the pond for American moms.

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