Don’t Be Too Quick to Withhold Cow’s Milk

by Colette Moran

If you are using cow’s milk with your baby formula, and your child is having allergy symptoms, pause before eliminating the milk. You could be creating a milk allergy rather than treating for one — and she could miss out on valuable nutrients.

From the Wall Street Journal

Parents and doctors may be overly quick to blame cow’s milk when infants experience adverse food reactions, according to a study in Archives of Disease in Childhood. That may lead to dietary changes that are unnecessary and potentially less nourishing. Also, eliminating cow’s milk from infant formula could increase the child’s chances of developing true cow’s-milk allergy later in life, researchers said. . . .

Infants with mislabeled allergies had significantly more nonspecific symptoms than allergic infants, the study found. These symptoms probably weren’t related to food but to conditions such as atopic dermatitis or a viral infection, researchers said. In more than 50% of cases, family doctors and other health providers mislabeled infants as milk-allergic.

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