Mom Heads Org Dedicated to Preventing Kids’ Sports Injuries

by Colette Moran

In anticipation of all the sports camps this summer, the Washington Post highlighted an organization which is headed by a mom who has seen her own daughter face the challenges of a sport injury.

More than 38 million children and teens play sports in the United States each year, according to Safe Kids Worldwide, and it’s taking a toll. About one in three kids playing team sports is injured seriously enough to miss practice or a game. Those who play multiple sports that put pressure on the same body part are at an increased risk for injury.

Kate Carr is president and chief executive of Safe Kids. She says [her daughter] Ally is trying to condition her knees to better withstand the pressure that volleyball and softball put on them.

Her organization, which works to prevent childhood injuries, is trying to raise awareness of youth sports injuries and teach children, parents and coaches how to prevent them or minimize their effects.

“We [need to] begin to help our children understand that if you want to have a lifetime of being active, you have to protect your body while you’re young,” Carr said. “If you don’t, it will either limit your ability to play this sport that you love or it will cause a lifetime of damage.”

 The story also includes a list of the causes, signs, and symptoms, as well as treatments, for the most common sports ailments and injuries.


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