Political Correctness at the Expense of Safety and Security

by Colette Moran

As Jack Fowler mentioned today on The Corner, the Gatestone Institute published a story yesterday about the epidemic of rapes by British taxi drivers and the rise of sex crimes by “child grooming gangs” in the U.K. And the government and the police are often hesitant to go after the perpetrators. Why? Because they are Muslim.

Apparently these assaults on British women and children have been going on for years. As for the taxi assaults, legislation requiring the licensing of all drivers was passed five years ago, but enforcement has been lax. So unlicensed cabbies troll for unaccompanied women and then attack them. A judge has said, ”It appears that nobody can travel in minicabs with any degree of assurance of safety.”

The situation has become so dangerous that “women-only” taxi firms have started up, employing only female drivers to drive only women to their destinations.

Is this something American moms will have to face one day? Political correctness at the expense of our children’s safety? Will society place so much shame on speaking out against those Muslims who are not the peace-loving, women-respecting citizens we do know that our daughters will be left for the taking? Will law enforcement ignore crime waves perpetuated by thugs simply for fear of offending their co-religionists?

I’d like to think: never; not here. But I imagine most Brits thought the same.

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