Teaching Our Teens to Find the Sweet Spot

by Colette Moran

David French had a great post on The Corner yesterday in which he examined the way so many parents — and society at large — push kids to be “awesome.” He pointed out that the “cult of self-esteem” seems to be breeding a narcissistic generation that eschews hard work and true virtue. Even when meant well, as in the Evangelical crusade to “be awesome for others,” he believes we run the risk of having kids burn out. Better to teach the value of being faithful for its own sake.

While I don’t disagree entirely with this notion, I do think we can find a sweet spot between the two. And a very surprising spokesman for this idea came from what I would have thought was one of the least likely sources last Sunday.

Perhaps you heard about the acceptance speech that Ashton — aka Chris Kutcher — gave at the Teen Choice Awards. Maybe friends on Facebook posted a link and you thought “What could that Hollywood hunk possibly have to say that I would find relevant?” Well, he weighs in on three things: oppotunity, being sexy, and living life. Here’s hoping those squealing girls were paying attention. They just may have learned a few valuable lessons.



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