Day-Care Workers Fired for Posting Pictures of Kids on Instagram

by Greg Pollowitz

A Facebook account I follow down here in Miami — WPLG Local 10 — posted this today:

FIRED FOR INSTAGRAM POSTS! Two daycare workers are out of their jobs after they were caught posting pictures of kids in their care… along with some comments parents say were inappropriate.


What do you think? Did they deserve to be fired — or were their posts just harmless fun?

Um, yeah they deserved to be fired. Even if the comments weren’t inappropriate, there’s no reason why pictures of these kids should be posted on a public social-media site without the written permission of the parents. 

As for “harmless fun,” here’s an excerpt of what they posted:

Two Virginia day care workers have been fired after photos of children in their care showed up on Instagram — complete with comments making fun of them.

Melissa Jordan said she was angry when she saw what one staffer at the Heavenly Haven Learning Center 2 posted about her son Ethan.

In one photo, 2-year-old Ethan — who has delayed speech development — looks dejected sitting in a high chair.

The photo was posted by @mz_oneofakind — later identified as Jena Ferrel, who worked at the center, CNN affiliate WAVY reported.

“I’m sick of this s—!!!” she wrote in a caption.

“… He is thinking cuz sure can’t talk,” a day care manager chimed in, according to WAVY.

“Jerk” is too mild a description for these two.


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