The ‘BroChoice’ Assault on our Daughters

by Colette Moran

While we can do our best to raise our daughters to follow our values, embrace abstinence, and respect life, ultimately there are forces we can’t shield them from. But we can prepare them to stand up to everything life may throw at them — or their friends. This is one bit of advice I never imagined I’d have to tell my girls.

Another foe in the real war on women has raised its ugly head in the form of the “BroChoice” movement. Since radical feminists are unsurprisingly silent in this latest assault on sensibility — because of course they can’t chastise any man who “supports abortion,” no matter the odious reason — we must step in and warn young women about these heinous creatures.

Based on the premise that it isn’t fair that men have no choice when a woman gets pregnant, that they are the victims of deceptive sex partners, and that prolife girls are trying to ruin all their fun and potentially burden them with a lifetime responsibility, a group of young men are “fighting back” by promoting truly repugnant conduct.

Just scrolling through the content on the “Return of Kings” website is nauseating. Post after post about how to get laid, misogynistic evaluations of women, and advice on how to escape the consequences of bad behavior, most notably, unintended fatherhood. An article last month pointed out that Oregon is the best state to have sex in because it has the most liberal abortion laws. But a couple days ago there was the most loathsome piece of writing yet, “How to Convince a Girl to Get an Abortion.”

It’s worse than you think. It’s not just trying to make the case why it would be okay, and simply steering a young woman to ignore the reasons why she knows it’s not in her best interests — or her child’s — to abort. No, the author encourages bald-faced lying and ruthlessness – whatever it takes to trick her into doing the deed.

It recommends three abhorrent approaches: Convincing her it will ruin the future he sees having with her (but then dumping her as soon as she aborts); being a big jerk and insisting that she will either get nothing but court-ordered child-support later or a ride to the clinic and money for the procedure right now (as you grab car keys and glare at her); or simply lying and telling her you have a genetic disorder the child will likely inherit.

Who raised these hedonists? Sadly, more than likely fathers who were just as vile and mothers who followed along.

Amazingly, if you look through the comments of the post, an abundance of them thoughtfully and eloquently argue for accepting responsibility and choosing life. (At least there was when I wrote this.) But don’t let your daughters leave for college without this cautionary tale. 

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