Watch a Homeless Veteran’s Time-Lapse Transformation

by Nancy French

On Veterans Day, this will touch you.

From HuffPo:

A simply incredible time-lapse video, released just in time for Veteran’s Day, has captured the transformation of a homeless United States Army veteran. Jim Wolf struggles with homelessness and alcoholism, but thanks to a unique initiative by Dégagé Ministries, he was recently given the opportunity for a complete makeover. Wolf’s transformation is utterly beautiful, and according to the video, the physical change has also inspired him to turn his life around.

Dégagé Ministries describes itself as offering:

… help and hope to homeless and disadvantaged individuals in our community. Responsive programming is designed to address immediate and long-term needs such as overnight respite for women in crisis, food, referral services and hygiene facilities. While many of our services may seem “simple,” those who receive our services take nothing for granted. Often, it is the simplest of gestures that brings the most powerful results. What sets Dégagé apart from other organizations is the attention given to each individual and each success.

The part that really chokes me up is when he sees himself in the mirror for the first time after the transformation. Watch it here:


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