No Choice for the Children of D.C.

by Colette Moran

The Daily Caller presented just one heart-breaking story from amongst the hundreds of a D.C. family who will be losing their scholarships to attend private schools. Even thought the District will spend $10,000 more per child to educate these children than the cost of the scholarships, President Obama has moved to eliminate the funding — an infinitesimal fraction of the federal education budget.

School choice is working… for families around the district. Students who receive scholarships have a graduation rate of over 90 percent — 35 points higher than those who don’t. These students also posted significant gains in reading, in many cases escaping schools where fewer than 20 percent of children test at grade level. It’s no wonder that 74 percent of D.C. residents support this program.

Read more here — and watch the video of one family’s story of success and how it is being taken from them.



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