Suspended for Kissing?

by Greg Pollowitz

A six-year-old boy in Colorado was suspended for two days for kissing a classmate on the hand. Along with the suspension, a note was placed in his file at the school saying he was disciplined as per the district’s “sexual harassment” policy. The boy’s mom admits this isn’t the first time her son has been in trouble for kissing (and other things), but she’s objecting to the sexual-harassment stigma now attached to her child.

Of the many reports on this story, this one from Cañon City Daily Record gives the most balanced recounting of the events.

Here’s one suggestion for the mom: If you’re so worried about your son being branded a sexual harasser, stop going on TV. 

From the Daily Record piece above, it sounds like the school is doing its best to get the kid’s mother to address his behavior and she continues to make excuses. However, I do think the school should have used more discretion in the file — however temporary it is — and labeled this incident differently, with a warning that the “sexual harassment” notation will be forthcoming if problems continue. 

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