Nancy Reagan Did Not Approve of this Pencil

by Nancy French

According to the New York Times, it took a ten-year-old kid to realize this:

A company has recalled a batch of pencils after a fourth-grade student pointed out an embarrassing message that appeared after he sharpened his pencil. 

The pencils carry the slogan ”Too Cool to Do Drugs.” But the student noticed that when the pencils are sharpened and get shorter, the message becomes Cool to Do Drugs,” then simply Do Drugs.” 

As a result of the discovery by Kodi Mosier, a 10-year-old student at Ticonderoga Elementary School, the company, the Bureau for At-Risk Youth, based in Plainview, N.Y., recalled the pencils.

They are going to re-print the pencils with the message written in the other direction.  That way, when the pencils are sharpened, they don’t encourage kids to develop a crystal meth habit.

And speaking of Nancy Reagan, does everyone remember this very special message on Diffrent Strokes?  Every time I’m annoyed when Michelle Obama pops up on the Disney Channel to talk about a healthy diet, I remember the oh-so-awkward Diffrent Strokes episode and cut her some slack. The only thing that could’ve made this cameo even better is a well-placed whatchu talkin bout First Lady? 


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