Scottish Parliament Rejects Assisted Suicide

by Wesley J. Smith

We keep hearing how assisted suicide can’t be stopped, but it almost always is defeated.

And now in so not conservative Scotland. From The Guardian story:

MSPs voted by 82 to 36 against the general principles of the assisted suicide (Scotland) bill. It had proposed that those with terminal or life-shortening illnesses should be able to obtain help to end their suffering.

Note the biased description. Assisted suicide doesn’t end suffering, it ends life. It isn’t choice, it is the end of all choices.

Next time you read a news account about the issue, look for a similar twist to the presentation. It won’t be hard to find.

Doctors can still work to alleviate patient suffering, of course. They just can’t snuff the patient. 

Let’s hope this vote influences the UK Parliament to also shun the killing agenda.