MDs: Declare Total Non-Cooperation with Euthanasia!

by Wesley J. Smith

The cowardly Canadian Medical Association went “neutral’ on euthanasia before it was forced nationwide by that country’s Supreme Court.

An encouraging 63% of doctors say they won’t participate. So, euthanasia zealots–many in the medical establishment–are moving toward coercion.

On the downside, it came out in support–and 79% of voting delegates oppose conscience exemptions for their morally or religiously opposed colleagues.

Now, the CMA’s mealy-mouths are calling for “cooling off periods” before doctors kill. From the CTV story:

The Canadian Medical Association suggests there should be a 14-day period to allow patients who want the help of a physician to end their lives to reconsider whether they are making the right decision.

What a sad and nihilistic joke.

NO! The proper medical and ethical response is total non-cooperation. If most doctors refuse to kill–leaving it to the bottom feeders–far fewer patients will be killed.

And the message will go out to society: Euthanasia isn’t healthcare. A lethal injection isn’t medicine. Homicide is not a medical treatment.