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NHS Meltdown: Hospitals Collapsing in Face of Vomiting Virus


In all fairness, I am not sure that this is the solely the result of socialized medicine--an epidemic would put pressure on any health care system--although I think it is a contributing factor: Apparently the UK is ill prepared for a viral epidemic that threatens to sweep the country. From the story:
Millions face being struck down by a deadly winter vomiting bug sweeping the country.

Scores of hospitals have been forced to close wards to new patients as they struggle to cope with the influx of norovirus sufferers. One of London’s leading hospitals has even had to turn away 999 emergency patients after being overwhelmed with cases of the virus, while another hospital has drafted in GPs to cover for staff hit by the bug.

As the crisis deepens, health campaigners are warning that hospitals face going into “complete meltdown” over Christmas and New Year.
Authorities claim that they have a "plan" to handle the problem. But given the other problems in UK health care, it doesn't exactly inspire confidence.


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