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Animal Rights Activists Offer Reward for Arrest of Researchers


There is an ongoing harassment and intimidation campaign to intimidate UCLA scientists away from conducting medical research with primates. One researcher has already been scared off. Another had an incendiary device left on his doorstep, which may have accidentally been left at the wrong house. Happily, it didn't go off but the death to the researcher and his family was unmistakable. The FBI has offered a reward for the arrest and conviction of these criminals.

Now, as if to establish some sick moral equivalence between terrorist activity and legal and necessary animal research, liberationists are offering a reward for the arrest of researchers for animal cruelty.

When you toss aside human exceptionalism, as the animal liberationist movement does, you lose your moral compass. But society needs to support these scientists and protect them from harm. Researchers are not criminals and liberation terrorists are not so many modern-day Wilberforces.


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