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Fumento Wipes the Floor with Mendacious ACT


In his usual excellent fashion, Michael Fumento has taken the blade of truth and eviscerated the mendacious Advanced Cell Technology. He hits a few points I have not here at Secondhand Smoke, and they are definitely worth recounting:

Whereas I have focused primarily on the MSM's bias, he delves into Nature's ideological agenda: "Nature has long boosted embryonic stem cell (ESC) technology generally and the lifting of federal funding restrictions specifically, as has its American counterpart Science. Their eagerness to run anything promoting this view recently led to Science being forced to withdraw not one but two 'ESC miracle breakthrough' articles."

He damningly describes an apparent photographic deception by Lanza that I had not known about: "The ACT researchers' letter left the embryos' fate ambiguous, but an accompanying figure showed a photo of a biopsied embryo at a later stage of development--one Lanza's embryos never reached."

And he ridicules a ludicrous Ronald Green quote that I had not seen: "But ACT propagandist, er, uh, ethicist Ronald Green leapt to the company's defense. 'The approach does not harm embryos; the experiment did,' Green insisted. (Right. And 'I didn't kill the victim;' the shooter said, 'the bullets did!')"

Fumento also includes more links than I have in my posts about this debacle. So check it out. You'll be glad you did.


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