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Hemlock Society Founder Suggests His How to Commit Suicide Book to Mentally Ill


Derek Humphry, the founder of the Hemlock Society, has written a little essay that demonstrates the utter amorality of the euthanasia movement. For example, he states that he is contacted by the mentally ill several times a week with requests for help with suicide. What does Hummphry do?

"I talk things over with them, always decline actually to help, urge them to seek further treatments (they've usually had lots already), but mention that my paperback book "Final Exit" has been in bookstores and libraries worldwide for 15 years....I gently tell such troubled people that I don't think anybody is going to help them to die -- it's just too much to ask -- and if they are still determined to leave this world they must handle it themselves. Some do, most don't so far as I can tell, at least, not until later on."

Among the many people who have made themselves dead following Humphry's suicide primer: Teenagers. Swell guy.


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