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Are Turkeys Morally Equal to People?


Apparently so, according to animal liberationist guru, Gary Francione. Over at the First Things blog, I discuss this and other aspects of Francione's ideology. I also point out that, in my view, Francione, while profoundly misguided, is a man worthy of respect based on his integrity and promotion of peaceful advocacy. I conclude my post with these words:

"I just wish Francione would turn his considerable talents and intellect to solving more urgent problems involving human injustices and oppression. Of course, from his point of view, that is precisely what he is doing, since he doesn't recognize any moral distinction between humans and fauna. But at least he promotes his agenda with intellectual honesty, skill, and a total eschewing of violence and threats. That's more than you can say about many of his co-believers. The animal-liberation movement could use a lot more leaders like Gary Francione."


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