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PETA is After Your Children


The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) knows that most educated people will ultimately reject their radical agenda of eliminating any and all use of animals by people. For example, PETA's odious "Holocaust on Your Plate Campaign" explicitly connected eating meat with participating in the Holocaust. The key point to understanding the difference between animal rights/liberation and animal welfare, is that animal welfarists acknowledge that people may use animals for human benefit, while PETA and their ilk believe that doing so is morally equivalent to killing 6 million Jews. Literally. Understand that, and that intense misanthropy is the heart and soul of animal rights/liberation, and you can see why there is an increasing level of violence and intimidation on "behalf of the animals."

PETA knows that most adults will shun such thinking. But children have less wisdom and ability to distinguish facts from propaganda. Hence, it focuses quite a bit on recruiting children to the animal rights/liberation cause: As this story illustrates.


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