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More Evidence that Animal Liberationists are Anti-Human


I am convinced that the dark core of the animal liberation movement is anti-human. Not every believer suffers from this misanthropy, of course. Most just want to reduce animal suffering.

But the hard core or "base" of the movement are decidedly anti-human.

ITEM: After writing about PETA's non apology "apology" a bit ago, I heard via e-mail from many animal liberationists that eating meat "is too" morally equivalent to the Holocaust. I suggested to some that I am not the person to be angry with, but that they contact PETA and urge it to be honest and retract its non apology "apology" for making the comparison between the ovens at Auschwitz and the local butcher shop.

Now here's another story out of the UK, where animal liberation is most virulent and radical. It seems that a fellow with Parkinson's disease has his symptoms under significant control thanks to a surgical procedure involving implanting electrodes in the brain. Learning to do this surgery right, of course, required extensive animal testing. When the fellow tried to speak about his surgery he was shouted down by animal liberationists and told to go and die.

This deep misanthropy and utter moral confusion explains why some animal liberationists are growing increasingly violent and dangerous. And yet, when I write about animal rights terrorism, I hear from believers who are angry at my supposedly lumping their "peaceful" movement in with those who engage in violence. But when I urge them to condemn the vandalism and terrorist threats engaged in by their more radical colleagues, they usually won't do it. Indeed, PETA explicitly refuses to condemn the Animal Liberation Front.

This is an issue that is only going to get bigger as time passes. Someday, animal liberationists will kill a human being over animals. When that Rubicon is passed, Katy bar the door!


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