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Leslie Burke’s Web Site


For those interested in the Leslie Burke case in the UK, here is his WEB site.

Burke is the man who sued for the legal right to receive a feeding tube if he loses the ability to swallow. He won at the trial court level, but amazingly, the medical authorities and the government of the UK have appealed. The case is being argued this week. Barring the unforeseen, I will have an extended article on the case and its relevance to America published next week.

By the by, the Burke case isn't really about socialized medicine, but Futile Care Theory, which would permit doctors/bioethicists to refuse wanted life-sustaining treatment if they don't believe the patient's "quality of life" is worth living or spending the resources upon. Here is an old article of mine on that issue. Futile Care Theory is beginning to be imposed in this country as well as in the UK.


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