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Cloning Untruths


The propaganda of Big Biotech and the Science Establishment about cloning is unremitting. They used to acknowledge the basic biological truth that cloning creates embryos. But now, to win a political debate, they claim cloning doesn't create embryos or any form of life at all.

The latest to change his tune is Woo Suk Hwang. When he manufactured the first human cloned embryos, he admitted that the "products" of cloning were embryos and indeed, that "this technique [therapeutic cloning] can not be separated from reproductive people cloning..."

That was then. Now, having manufactured more human cloned embryos, he apparently has received his talking points: "I can say this result is not an embryo but a 'nuclear transfer construct'."

Meanwhile other scientists say that a "construct" could never become a human being, by which they mean a born baby. David Magnus and Mildred Cho of the Stanford University Center for Biomedical Ethics in California stated, "There is no reason ever to believe one of these things could ever become a human being." Right, and Dolly was not really a sheep.

This is science? No, it's politics. And it is utterly disrespectful of the democratic process because it refuses to be candid and truthful about what may be the most consequential technology ever created.


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