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Good News: Washington State Medical Association Reaffirms Opposition to Leglizing Assisted Suicide


One of the tactics of the euthanasia/assisted suicide movement is to get medical organizations to "go neutral" on assisted suicide. Which is a ridiculous notion when you think of it. I mean, how can a responsible professional association not have an opinion on a matter of such profound public import?

Be that as it may: That tactic worked in 1994 in Oregon, and was partially (I believe) responsible for the narrow win of Measure 16. Conversely, the California Medical Association's stalwart opposition has helped prevent legalization attempts (so far) in the Golden State.

Next year there may well be an assisted suicide legalization initiative on the Washington ballot. True to form, last weekend, assisted suicide advocates sought to have the Washington State Medical Association take a neutral stance. I have just been informed that the motion failed miserably. Good. That will be important one year from now if an initiative qualifies for a vote.

HT: Marilyn Golden


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