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PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk: Master Propagandist


In researching for my book on animal rights, I tried to get an interview with PETA's alpha wolf, Ingrid Newkirk. She declined and through her assistant, suggested I obtain her views from her books and articles. So, I have been doing a little on-line research and came across Newkirk's MY page.

This illustrates how PETA leaves no rock unturned in its quest for converts to the animal rights cause, in this case, young people. Note the wacky photo, designed to appeal to kids and teenagers. She let's the kids know she is a Pisces. And true to PETA's unremitting approach, she never stops pushing the agenda, particularly her books aimed at kids.

Most adults do not respond to the hyper emotionalism and anti-human moral equivalence ("Holocaust on Your Plate," etc.) that are the hallmarks of PETA's advocacy. But kids and teenagers are raised in a relative milieu today and are taught to feel more than think. PETA's taking the time to put up a MY SPACE page, and design it explicitly to appeal to the young, is brilliant--and worrying.


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