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Animal Rights Thugs Flood Researcher’s Home


These kind of stories are so infuriating. A researcher seeking to ameliorate or cure human diseases has her home flooded by animal rights terrorists because they presume the right to coerce others to accept their ideological perspectives. From the LA Times report:
An FBI spokeswoman said Monday that the agency is investigating the claim that the Animal Liberation Front used a garden hose to flood the house of professor Edythe London on Oct. 20 in an attempt to stop her animal experiments.

The FBI, along with UCLA and Los Angeles police, are treating the vandalism as a case of domestic terrorism and are probing possible ties to a June incident in which an incendiary device was lighted, but did not explode, next to a car at the home of a UCLA eye disease researcher, according to FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller.

In a press release distributed to the media Monday, an underground entity identifying itself as the Animal Liberation Front said it broke a window at London's house and flooded the residence with a hose. The announcement said the group considered starting a fire there, but did not want to risk igniting brush fires that might have harmed animals "human and non-human."

UCLA officials said the flooding caused between $20,000 and $40,000 in damage. London could not be reached for comment.
Jerry Vlasak, who has approved murdering animal researchers commented:
The group's claim was posted by a Woodland Hills-based website called the North American Animal Liberation Press Office. Jerry Vlasak, a trauma surgeon who is an activist in that press office and who protests against animal euthanasia at animal shelters, declined to say how he received the information about the vandalism and said he did not know the responsible parties.

But Vlasak said Monday that he sent the communique to the media so the incident would "not be dismissed as a random act of violence." He said he condones the flooding at London's house "if it is helpful to get her to stop torturing innocent animals."

About a year ago, Santa Monica police and federal agents raided Vlasak's Agoura Hills house as part of an investigation into the Animal Liberation Front, which law enforcement officials described as a shadowy network that has sabotaged animal research labs, firebombed properties and made numerous death threats.
What if supporters of animal research attacked and flooded Vlasak's home and threatened to kill him for impeding important research? He would be outraged, and rightly so.

This has to stop. Animal industries have to join together under the banner that an attack on one is an attack on all. Vlasak should be hauled in front of a grand jury and his phone tapped. The full weight of law enforcement should be brought to bear on ending this terrorist before someone is killed. These people are a menace and belong in jail.


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