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Judging My Bioethics Predictions for 2007


Last year the Center for Bioethics and Culture asked me to prognosticate about what would happen in the world of bioethics and biotechnology in 07. I did and now it is time to judge my future as an augur. I was right in 5 out of 8 predictions, to wit:
1. The Bush policy on federal funding of ESCR would be overturned: WRONG
2. More states will fund ESCR and human cloning research: RIGHT
3. Impasse at federal level to outlaw or legalizing human cloning would continue: RIGHT
4. More states and countries will outlaw the selling of human eggs: RIGHT
5. No new states or countries will legalize Physician Assisted Suicide: RIGHT
6. Texas law permitting futile care impositions will not be rescinded : RIGHT
7. Existing 10 days allowed to patients and families to find a new hospital will be extended as a compromise, probably to around 30 days: WRONG
8. The Supreme Court of the United States will overturn the partial birth abortion federal ban : WRONG
For further explanation of the whys and wherefores, hit the above link that will take you to the CBC Newsletter.


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