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Monkey Cloning: Lots of Eggs Used


This story, byline Malcolm Ritter the AP's science writer, follows up on the earlier reports that monkeys have been cloned and embryonic stem cells derived. As I suspected, the researchers apparently burned through a lot of eggs. From the story:
Despite the monkey success, "we're still far off to start dreaming about translating this technique to humans," [Jose] Cibelli [of Michigan State University] said. That's because the reported results were very inefficient, requiring many eggs to produce stem cells, he said.

Still, the work shows monkeys can be used to study the potential of embryonic stem cells produced through cloning, Cibelli said. "That's a terrific tool."

The egg dearth will continue to thwart human cloning in the immediate future, creating much pressure among human cloners to gain access to eggs by any means necessary. In the coming years, we must be ever-ready to act to thwart the creation of a human egg commodities market that would exploit destitute women.

Also note, that contrary many in the MSM, reporter Ritter actually reported the science of SCNT/cloning accurately: Again, from the story:
In cloning to obtain stem cells, DNA from an adult animal is inserted into an unfertilized egg. The egg is grown into an early embryo, from which stem cells are extracted. These stem cells, and the tissue that develops from them, will be a genetic match to the source of the DNA.

The idea of doing this in people is controversial because the embryos have to be destroyed to obtain the stem cells.

Hello Kansas City Star and others: See how it's done? It isn't that tough to be accurate in your reportage.


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