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Sour Grapes: The Scientists Try to Hold Back the Tide


As I suspected would happen, I just listened to an ABC Radio report, and a Harvard scientist said the new stem cells were "not ready for prime time" because they can't yet be used in human patients. Gee, they have never said that about embryonic stem cells. Instead, they insisted we go forward full speed ahead. We were told they were the only hope. Yadda, Yadda Yadda.

Tumors remain a problem before human use can be attempted. Indeed, one of the indicators of pluripotency in the studies was the capacity of the cells to create teratomas! But these cells will permit the research that scientists said they wanted from pluripotent cells. They will be able to be used in drug testing, cell differentiation, and etc. Adult and umbilical cord blood stem cells will continue to be used in human trials. Perhaps one day, the iPS Cells will also be usable in patients.

But until then, this is still BIG and "the scientists" can't change that.


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