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“Cat and Dog Liberation Army” Terrorize LA Mayor’s SISTER


This "anonymous communique" posted on the Animal Liberation Press Office Website--a favored animal rights terrorists' method of getting their message out (reminds one of the jihadists, doesn't it?)--illustrates vividly the raw nihilism and lack of comity of the terrorist wing of the animal liberation movement. From a group calling itself the "Cat and Dog Liberation Army:"

Received anonymously

On the night of monday november the 12 we hit the house of deborah villar. If the name sounds familiar its cause shes the sister of the mayor of los angeles, california. We spent the last couple months doing some recon at the department of los angeles animal shelters. We even saw places like the rooms they bump off animals. What haunted us most were the wide eyes, wide eyes with the most terrified expressions we ever saw. The stk web site has a video that doesn't show the half of it.

Sorry if you take this the wrong way but we read about a protest at deborahs house. But we know that in order to change the behavior of a mental case like antonio villaraigosa and make him do whats right for these wide eyed animals who still haunt us is to hit him harder and harder. The mayor is the person who has bloody hands who appointed the dirt bag Boks. The mayor is the person who can make the killing come to an end. This is why we covered deborahs black suv with tons of stripper and poured red paint all over the steps, walkway and fancy ornamental light fixtures at [address omitted]. Villaraigosa deserves to be bumped off like the dogs and cats we witnessed with their eyes wide, terrified before they were bumped off. He got off way to easy."

cat and dog liberation army

Veiled threats of murder and vicious vandalism, without a peep of protest from the likes of PETA. Hmmm. PETA kills dogs and cats. I'll bet if the friends and family of Ingrid Newkirk faced such outrageous and criminal attack, she would find it within her compassionate little heart to complain.


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