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If You Are Interested in SHS Issues, You’ll Want to Read Your Heart Belongs to Me by Dean Koontz


One of the perks of being friends with a world famous author is that you get to read advance copies of his books. Last month, I had that great pleasure with Dean Koontz's newest novel, Your Heart Belongs to Me.

I knew going in that the story is about a man who needs a heart transplant. It is that--and much more. A real thriller in the Koontz mold, and without ruining any surprises--of which there are many--let me just say that Dean grapples with (and tears at) some of the matters we discuss here at Secondhand Smoke. Along the way, he also explores the seductive power of paranoia, the nature of evil, the importance of trust, and how profound difficulties test our character.

I am not saying I liked the book, mind you. But I reached the climax just as the plane I was traveling in landed at Oakland Airport. My eyes were racing across the page because I wanted to know what would happen. I felt like yelling at the pilot, "Once more around the Bay, please!"

For those who are interested, this link will take you to the Amazon page, which contains a short interview with Dean about the book. (Funny, Amazon never gives me that kind of star treatment.)


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