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Haleigh Poutre in Video


Hit this link view an important video of Haleigh Poutre brushing her hair and sitting up in bed. I am not totally pleased with the narration ('she spends most of her day in a wheelchair, but Haleigh Poutre is very much alive"), however good for the station for airing this important story and discussing that her life support was almost removed.

Still, the depiction underplays the seriousness of the situation: Haleigh came very close to being dehydrated to death. Doctors called for removing all life support only 10 days after her injury. The Massachusetts Supreme Court approved her dehydration. But someone saw signs of reaction just in the nick of time, and her life was saved.

Imagine if the process had moved a few weeks faster. She would be dead today, dehydrated to death by the state as a supposed act of compassion.

Please, everyone view the video and learn the lesson of Haleigh. None of us is discardable. None of us is beyond all hope.

HT: Don Nelson


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