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Frivolous PETA Complaint Rejected


I reported here a few weeks ago that PETA had filed a complaint with the federal government against the Oregon National Primate Research Center, claiming abuses of the animals. I wrote then that I believed the claim would prove to be unmeritorious, as many (but alas, not all) of PETA's allegations tend to be. Well now the verdict is in and indeed, the Feds cleared the lab. From the story:
Federal regulators have cleared the Oregon National Primate Research Center of complaints that workers routinely mistreated monkeys at the Hillsboro site. The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which regulates animal care at federally funded biomedical research facilities, sent two veterinarians to the center last week. The inspectors issued a three-sentence report, released today, which concluded, "No non-compliant items were identified during the inspection."
PETA's purpose is to shut down all animal research. One tactic is to file unmeritorious claims as a method of harassment. If PETA knew its complaint was frivolous, there should be a price to pay. In any event, next time PETA makes such a claim, remember this non event.


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