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PETA: Tax Meat!


I cannot stomach PETA's ideology--views symbolized by the disgusting comic book aimed at kids depicted here--but I sit in awe at its leaders' propaganda and advocacy skills. They never miss a chance to get their message out. Now, they urge that meat be taxed to reduce global warming. From its press release:
With our proposal, a typical meat-eating family of four would only pay about $5 per month, and a chunk of that would likely be absorbed by the large meat companies. (And if a family did replace some of their meat consumption with healthy vegetarian foods, they would likely save hundreds or thousands of dollars in medical expenses over time as their health improved.) Revenue from a meat tax could be used to fund educational programs about the health and environmental benefits of reducing meat consumption.
There will never be such a tax. But it gets PETA in the news and its message out. These people are committed!


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