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Virginia Abortion Clinic Closes


After Gosnell, I would think abortion rights activists would want stringent oversight of abortion clinics. That point aside, I see it as only good news that a Virginia abortion clinic is going out of business. From the Norfolk Pilot story:

For four decades, Hillcrest Clinic – South Hampton Roads’ first medical facility devoted to providing legal abortions – defied efforts to close its doors. That run ends Saturday. Virginia’s new licensing standards for abortion clinics, coupled with a drop in demand for pregnancy terminations, have driven the clinic out of business.

This is win-win. Pro choicers can point out that the “rare” part of “safe, legal, and rare” seems to be moving forward in Norfolk. As for the new rules, they require abortion clinics to be regulated like out-patient surgical centers. Isn’t that what they are? But let’s be honest. Gosnell aside–which dealt with a psychotic refusal on the part of bureaucrats to enforce existing regulations–these kinds of policies are intended to discourage abortion. They apparently do. That’s fine with me, just like laws to discourage smoking.


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