Terri Schiavo’s Brother Blogging

by Wesley J. Smith

I worked my heart out supporting the cause of saving Terri Schiavo’s life. Something very good (for me) came out of that tragedy; an abiding friendship with Terri’s parents and siblings, the Schindler family. In my more than 25 years as a public advocate, I have never met finer or more selfless people–or any more cruelly subjected to the most hateful, vicious, and unwarranted attacks by their detractors. 

Since Terri’s death, the family has worked positively to support people with disabilities at lethal risk of dehydration or other forms of medical discrimination through the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network. Most recently, I spoke for the foundation at a fund raising dinner, starring Sarah Palin, whose rousing and loving speech that brought the large crowd to their feet. Now Bobby Schindler, Terri’s brother, has started a blog over at Lifenews.com. For those interested, here’s the link. 

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