Head Transhumanist to Have Dead Head Frozen

by Wesley J. Smith

Oxford Professor (of course!) Nick Bostrom, one of transhumanism’s founding would-be post humans, intends to be decapitated after death and have his head frozen so he can live forever. From The Independent story:

The belief that death is the only certainty in life is a concept senior academic staffs at an Oxford University Institute are hoping to dismantle, by paying to be cryogenically preserved and brought back to life in the future. Nick Bostrom, professor of philosophy at the Future of Humanity Institute [FHI] and his co researcher Anders Sandberg have agreed to pay an American company to detach and deep freeze their heads in the advent of their deaths.

Wait. I thought Bostrom was going to upload his mind into a computer. Oh, that’s the point:

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Sandberg said that life with just a head would be limited, but that he hoped by that point the process could involve downloading his personality and memories onto a computer.

Good thing these guys don’t have to make a living in the real world.

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