Bill Passes Outlawing “No CPR” Business Policies

by Wesley J. Smith

Readers may recall the horrible case of an elderly woman collapsing and being refused CPR by the employee of a senior apartment complex during a 911 call. Why? The business had a policy forcing employees to refuse such care.

Now, AB 633 has passed both houses of the California Legislature and is expected to be passed by Governor Brown. From the bill:

An employer shall not adopt or enforce a policy precluding prohibiting an employee from voluntarily providing emergency medical services, including, but not limited to, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, in response to a medical emergency

Logically, the law will not apply to long term care and other health facilities in which a patient has a DNR on the chart.

It is hard to believe that a law must be enacted to stop businesses from enacting “No CPR” policies. But, given the time in which we live, apparently so.


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