Tasmania Euthanasia Dead--Media Bias Alive


The attempt to legalize euthanasia in the Australian state of Tasmania has been defeated. From the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s typically biased story:

The Tasmanian Premier and Greens leader have lost their bid to give terminally ill people the right to take their own lives.

Wrong! The bill was decidedly not limited to the terminally ill. The standard was “incurable and irreversible, not “terminal.” That would open the door to a very broad killing license. From my HE commentary on its terms:

That language is broad enough to drive a hearse through. Indeed, think about the kinds of situations that would permit doctor-prescribed death. Asymptomatic HIV causing serious existential suffering and fear? Sure. Diabetes caused blindness or neuropathy? Yes. Spinal cord injury? Yup. Rheumatoid arthritis? Indeed.

And also note there are no quotes from opponents in the entire story.

This fits the emerging media meme that there is only one “right” side to stories involving scientific, social, and cultural controversies–the one they believe in–as in an LA Times editor explaining why he refuses to run anti-global warming letters to the editor.

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