Jahi Moved!

by Wesley J. Smith

Jahi McMath has been removed from Children’s Hospital Oakland. From the San Jose Mercury News story:

Jahi McMath was quickly and quietly moved from Children’s Hospital of Oakland Sunday evening, the hospital confirmed…

David Durand, chief of pediatrics at the hospital, sent a news release just after 8:30 p.m. confirming she was moved. “A short while ago, the body of Jahi McMath was released by Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland to the coroner,” he wrote. “The coroner has released her body to the custody of her mother, Latasha Winkfield, as per court order, for a destination unknown.

I admit, I never thought that would happen. I thought the judge would order an end to life support. Instead, he forced a settlement.

Many have wondered about the cost. The price of an air ambulance has been more than raised in private donations:

Court documents said the approximate cost to transport Jahi was just shy of $32,000; the Jahi McMath page at the gofundme.com website said Tuesday that $47,842 had been raised for Jahi by Sunday morning.

No word on what is happening now. I presume the surgical procedures are being done to aid in providing mechanical breathing and tube nourishing, but that’s just an educated guess.

More as the story develops.

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