Federal Marijuana Policy Harms Rule of Law

by Wesley J. Smith

I am not in favor of legalizing marijuana. But I believe it has medicinal properties that could help alleviate the suffering of many ill people. 

I believe in the rule of law. But for law to be respected, it must be based on current knowledge and facts.

Alas, the Controlled Substances Act doesn’t fit that category. Retaining marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug–meaning it has “no medicinal value”–makes law a fool because we now know that to be a lie

Proper respect for rule of law requires Congress to change the categorization of marijuana to fit known facts. That wouldn’t have to entail legalization, but by placing cannabis in Schedule 2 or 3 would allow its medicinal properties to be exploited–just as we do morphine and cocaine.

And talk about political cowardice: President Obama has been making noise about marijuana being less dangerous than alcohol. Then, why didn’t he issue a call in the State of the Union to remove MJ from Schedule 1? What a missed leadership opportunity that could have transformed the usual SOTU blather into a newsworthy event.

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