I’d Like Prime Rib of Cricket Please

by Wesley J. Smith

The other day, I posted about an interview on Ezra Klein’s new Vox site, in which an “ethicist” worried greatly about the suffering of insects. Then, on Twitter, I received a nice note from “Little Herds,” a start up that raises insects for consumption to save the planet.

Their Tweet kindly invited me to check them out. So I did.

Little Herds gives 5 reasons why we should eat our six-legged friends. From the website:

The average American unintentionally eats over 400 insects a year, but we SHOULD be doing better than that. Eating more insects might just save the world!

Environmentally sustainable.

They use less land, less water and produce fewer emissions than traditional livestock.

Nutritious. Bugs provide excellent protein as well as heart healthy Omega-3 fats, and important vitamins and minerals.

Easy to Farm. Bugs have a short life cycle and can be raised in urban environments, freeing up the country-side for oxygen-giving forestry and wild life.

Ethical. They can be easily and humanely euthanized for ethical harvesting. Delicious & Versatile. They are tasty, easy to prepare and highly versatile.

And best of all for the save the earth set, it’s a nonprofit!

But don’t tell PETA. They will say that eating bugs is the equivalent of eating children.

Thanks to Little Herds for their interest in my blog. Here’s an idea for a good theme song for the industry:

Human Exceptionalism

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