Lethargically Legalizing Human Cloning

by Wesley J. Smith

The Center for Bioethics and Culture asked me to weigh in on the great underreported story of 2014: Human cloning is here and it is now!

Ten years ago the headlines would have been humongous. Now, a whisper in the night. Why? First, Bush isn’t president. But even more importantly, the scientists have really downplayed the C-word.

Still, if something isn’t done to legally prohibit human cloning, it will keep on coming. I give a litany of reasons why that is a very bad idea, and then come to the following conclusion. From, “If We Do Nothing, They Will Clone:”

Human cloning presents humanity with one of its most profound moral challenges. Yet, even though human cloning is here, the question of what—if anything—to do about it isn’t even being discussed.

But as the old saying goes, time and tide wait for no man. Today, scientists are busily cloning away. Unless the nations of the world do something about that soon, cloning will be legalized by the world’s current lethargy

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