No Public Money for “Orgasmatron”

by Wesley J. Smith

Back when I respected Woody Allen, I never missed a movie. One of my favorite was Sleeper, a great slapstick delight about a time traveler that made me fall even more deeply in love with Diane Keaton. 

One of Sleeper’s great gags was the “orgasmatron,” by which future people received release since they didn’t with each other.

Now, a scientist has found that a device originally developed to relieve back pain may help women who can’t achieve climax. I have no quibble with that, but I do research into the device being paid for with NIH money. From the The Scientist story:

Meloy has applied for a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for the next phase of clinical trials. If the NIH isn’t willing to fund trials of the device, he may turn to crowdfunding sources like Kickstarter to get at least some of the money he needs.

Kickstarter, perfect. NIH, no!

Priorities, people! We increasingly hear angry complaints that budgetary problems impeded important medical research grants. If that is true, we need to triage our public money. Saving lives, restoring health, preventing illness must come before treating sexual dysfunction (whether male or female).

Besides, if this device can be developed into an affordable product, the private sector will gobble it up. Let them pay for its development.

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