Dutch Euthanasia for Nursing Home Living

by Wesley J. Smith

Dutch euthanasia gets ever more extreme. 

How extreme is it, Wesley? I’m glad you asked. It is so extreme that a euthanasia clinic has opened to kill people whose own doctors refuse.

And now the euthanasia Life Clinic (!!!) killed a woman because she didn’t want to live in a nursing home. From the de Verdieping Trouw story (Google translation):

For the second time in four months the-Life Clinic reprimanded. Euthanasia on an elderly woman simply because they did not want to live in a nursing home euthanasia is assessed as negligent by the review committee. That’s embarrassing for-Life Clinic, which was founded to help people who find anywhere audience with their death wish. People over two years ago.

Meanwhile, doctors at the Clinic-Life have about 250 times euthanasia performed. In April, the clinic was even reprimanded. When the commission ruled that a doctor at the clinic had with an elderly psychiatric patient before she got euthanasia. Too few interviews.

It was even reprimanded! Too few interviews! That and 2 Euros will buy you a glass of good Dutch beer. 

These people are death zealots who call their killing center a “Life Clinic.” They live in a country where the bureaucratic processes of killing matters more than the actual snuffing of human life. I doubt they will be deterred.

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