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Hats Off to the House GOP on NLRB Vote


Thank heavens the House Republicans just passed a bill — the “Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act” — that would stop the National Labor Relations Board from telling any company where it can or cannot operate in the United States.

Finally, a pro-business signal from Washington. This one inspired by Boeing’s attempt to operate their $750 million South Carolina plant to produce the 787 Dreamliner with at least one thousand workers. The NLRB has alleged that Boeing is retaliating against union workers in the state of Washington by operating a non-union in the right-to-work state of South Carolina.

This is nonsense.

Boeing is actually adding union jobs in Washington State. And if you keep them out of South Carolina, their next stop probably will be China.

Is that what we want?

This is the same NLRB rogue regulator that wants union strike posters displayed in all businesses and is pushing for back-door card check to end the secrecy of union-organizing ballots.

And it is exactly this anti-business bias coming out of the administration that has caused a capital-investment strike by American companies, which are sitting on nearly $2 trillion in cash.

The president should have taken the NLRB into a special presidential woodshed set up in the Oval Office. That’s what Ronald Reagan would have done.

You want to know why this economy could be on the front-end of a recession, with zero jobs? Think anti-business. Think over-regulation.

So I applaud what the GOP has done. Never forget: free-market capitalism is the best path to prosperity.


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